Snort's Special Gift is a finalist in the Animals/Pets category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. (June 2012).      

Snort's Special Gift is one of three finalists in the children's fiction category of the Midwest Book Awards. Winners were announced May 9, 2012 at the Bloomington Center for the Arts in Bloomington, Minn. 

 Snort's Special Gift has won a gold medal in the Mom's Choice Awards. Category: Children's Picture Books, Growing Up/Personal Growth.  The Mom's Choice Awards® program recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly products. (Oct. 2011)      


Snort's Special Gift has won a Silver Medal in the Religion/Spirituality category of the Moonbeam Children's Awards. (October 2011)

Summer 2012        Spring 2012


"I work at Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota. One of my professional goals is to get people the support and help they need after the loss of a pet. I have read my share of books regarding pet loss, but what sets Snort's Special Gift apart from the rest, to me, is its message about what our dear pets have taught us, and what we learn from them during the all too brief time they spend with us. My five-year-old son was able to relate the story to the loss of our cat, Henry, this past year, and the book helped me to consider that Henry's life had meaning so far beyond being the best lapcat ever."
Heidi, Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota 

“The illustrations jump off the page. They are phenomenal…. This will help in the healing process. It really is a moving story.”
 Eric Perkins, anchor, KARE 11 Saturday (Minneapolis)

"The way you’ve dealt with a difficult issue makes this a must for any kid who has lost a pet. Whether it’s a dog or cat, hamster or gerbil, this is one of the better books on the subject of pet loss.”
Katie K9, host of the Katie K9 show on myTalk 107.1 in the Twin Cities

"The relationship between a person (whether adult or child) and their pet can be one of the most rich and meaningful experiences in that person's life. The unconditional love and loyalty of a pet is a unique and frequently elusive trait. I had the good fortune to witness this in the author's life. Having Snort as an integral member of our household has created lifelong memories. Join us in following Savvy as she transforms these memories into valuable life lessons."
Dr. Jeffrey Yue

"Snort's Special Gifts showed me that animals are special members of a family. I like how Snort teaches the children lessons. When we lose a pet we are saddened and miss them. I have had the loss of a dog (Woody) and cat (Crybaby). To plant a tree is a great idea and a lovely reminder of that special loved one."
Anne Farber

"Snort's Special Gift is a special story for any animal lover, child or adult.  This book illustrates the love and companionship a pet brings and the hole it can create in it's loss.  Snort's Special Gift will bring a tear to the eye, a smile to your face and create a warm place in your heart."
Alaine Reiter


"This book is absolutely wonderful. The pictures are beautiful and the story made me cry which is a good thing. Kids need to grieve the loss of a pet and they need to have an outlet for expressing their feelings.I plan on recommending Snort’s Special Gifts to families as a way to help prepare young children for what’s to come when a pet gets sick. The book is a great stepping stone for parents to use to start a difficult conversation."
Dr. Carissa Williamson
Oakwood Pet Clinic, Plymouth, MN

"I love this story - a refreshing take on the complexities of losing our family pets – both for children and grown-ups!  This is a wonderful story to help parents and kids manage the events and the sorrows that surround death and dying of those pets who have become members of our family.  I appreciate Suzann’s insights and ideas for generating comfort and moving forward – a healthy perspective that helps us all to work through the sadness to bring forth the joy. Good wisdom to share and pass along!"
Sue Forneris 
Abby’s human pet J

"Snort's Special Gift is a sweet story about the ties a family has with their pet dog and the pain and sadness of having to say goodbye. This story made me re-visit some of my own feelings about the decisions we had to make when my 16 year old dog was waking to seizures and not functioning as a healthy and happy dog. I remember the day vividly that we took the dog to the vet and with the injection said our goodbyes to a member of our family. The story is both emotional and educational. It deals well with a subject that all animal lovers can relate to. This story is one for anyone who ever loved a dog." 
Steve Garren
Golden Valley, MN

"The story is really sweet. The kindness in dealing with the loss of the dog is heartfelt and told with tenderness."
Doug Hutchings
President of the Foundation for Mercy and Unity Hospitals in the Twin Cities.

"Losing a beloved pet is a truly painful experience.  We grieve - and it hurts so much - because of the joy these beautiful creatures bring to our lives. That joy is gone and our homes suddenly feel so very empty. _Snort's Special Gift_ IS a gift to those who feel the pain of this loss, especially children. I lost Esabel, my 11-year-old Boxer, just two months before reading Suzann Yue's book and the pain was still very raw. Tears ran down my cheeks as I read to the end. And then I picked up pen and paper and made my own list of the joys Esa brought to my life and the lessons she taught me. The result was a flood of Esa memories and a renewed sense of joy. This sensitive look at a pet's death is for all ages and parents certainly could help prepare their children for such a loss by sharing and discussing the words and the beautiful artwork."
Maryann Watkins, President
Boxer Rescue Foundation

"Almost all of us, at some point in our lives, can relate to the heart breaking loss of a beloved pet. Suzann Yue and Lin Wang, both figuratively and literally, paint a rich story of Snort, the charming and beautiful boxer dog. The artists offer a very gentle, gracious, and effective way of tackling an emotional subject. The focus is on all of the wonderful treasures and lessons that Snort brought to the family, and the story becomes a celebration of life! This book will help a lot of people—children and adults—cherish and commemorate the pets in their relationships."
Sherry Fonseth-Lais, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Assistant Clinic Professor in General Practice

University of Minnesota